Wines4Causes is passionate about wine and social responsibility. It all started when we (Todd Friedman and Megan Andrews) were living in the San Francisco Bay area and visited Napa, Sonoma, Livermore and other local wine regions on a regular basis. We learned that the relationships we built and the experiences we shared at the wineries often dictated whether or not we would leave the winery with a bottle, a six-pack, a full case, or nothing at all.

After moving to the North Dallas area of Texas in 2005, we discovered that Dallas is a big market for wine. However, aside from a few small wine areas in the state, we missed the easy accessibility to vineyards and wine tasting rooms. With a love for entertaining, we often introduced friends to wines we brought back from our visits, either through simple cocktail gatherings or complete dinners. More often than not, people would ask us about the wines and where to purchase them.

We began developing relationships with local wine retailers and eventually distributors. We also regularly visited the various wine regions and engaged in local industry events and activities. Soon, we realized that our small, intimate social gatherings were the perfect model for establishing a more formal program for promoting wines to the enthusiast. We launched Winery Showcase to do just that.

In addition to raising awareness of wine, we also felt these events offered a good opportunity to support not-for-profit organizations, which was the impetus for changing the name to Wines4Causes. We added a giving component and featured a selected charity that attendees could donate to in lieu of an entrance fee to the event.

We are now in the state of Washington, where we are surrounded by amazing wine and opportunities for making an impact with Wines4Causes. If you are interested in working with Wines4Causes to feature your wines or are interested in attending one of these events, please contact us!